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The Merchant of Venice Act 1 Summary

'The Merchant of Venice' Act 1 Summary Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice is a fabulous play and flaunts one of Shakespeares most significant scoundrels, the Jewish moneylender, Shylock. This Merchant of Venice Act 1 rundown guides you through the plays opening scenes in present day English. Here, Shakespeare sets aside the effort to present his primary characters - most outstandingly Portia, probably the most grounded lady parts in all Shakespeares plays. Act 1 Scene 1 Antonio is addressing his companions Salerio and Solanio. He clarifies that a pity has come over him. His companions propose that his misery could be because of him agonizing over his business adventures. He has ships adrift with stock in them and they could be defenseless. Antonio says he isn't stressed over his boats since his merchandise are spread among them and in the event that one went down he would in any case have the others. His companions recommend that he should then be enamored, Antonio denies this. Bassanio, Lorenzo, and Graziano show up as Salerio and Solanio leave. Lorenzo says that now Bassanio and Antonio have been brought together they will make their leave however orchestrate to get together later for supper. Graziano attempts to brighten Antonio up however without much of any result, he discloses to Antonio that men who attempt to be despairing so as to be seen as savvy are misled. Graziano and Lorenzo leave. Bassanio whines that Graziano has nothing to state except for simply won't quit talking. â€Å"Graziano talks an unending arrangement of nothing† (Act 1 Scene 1) Antonio gets some information about the lady he has succumbed to and means to seek after. Bassanio recognizes that he has obtained a great deal of cash from Antonio throughout the years and vows to clear his obligations to him: To you Antonio, I owe the most in cash and in adoration, And from your affection I have a guarantee to unburden every one of my plots and purposes how to get away from all the obligations I owe.(Act 1 Scene 1). Bassanio clarifies that he has become hopelessly enamored with Portia the beneficiary of Belmont however that she has other more extravagant admirers, he simply needs to attempt to rival them so as to win her hand. He needs cash to arrive. Antonio reveals to him that all his cash is tied up in his business yet that he will go about as an underwriter for any advance that he can get. Act 1 Scene 2 Enter Portia with Nerissa her holding up lady. Portia whines that she is tired of the world. Her dead dad specified, in his will, that she herself can't pick a spouse. Portia’s admirers will be given a decision of three chests; one gold, one silver, and one lead. The triumphant chest contains a representation of Portia and in picking the right chest he will win her deliver marriage. He should concur that in the event that he picks an inappropriate chest he won't be allowed to wed anybody. Nerissa records admirers who have come to figure including the Neopolitan Prince, County Palatine, A French Lord and an English aristocrat. Portia taunts each of the honorable men for their weaknesses. Specifically, a German aristocrat who was a consumer, Nerissa inquires as to whether Portia recalls that him she says: Vilely toward the beginning of the day when he is calm, and most viley toward the evening when he is tanked. At the point when he is best he is minimal more terrible than a man, and when he is more terrible he is minimal superior to a brute. A the most noticeably terrible fall that at any point fell, I trust I will make move to abandon him.(Act 1 Scene 2). The men recorded all left before speculating for dread that they would miss the point and face the outcomes. Portia is resolved to follow her father’s will and be won in the manner by which he wished however she is upbeat that none of the men who have come have succeeded. Nerissa helps Portia to remember a youthful man of his word, a Venetian researcher, and trooper who visited her when her dad was alive. Portia recollects Bassanio affectionately and trusts him to be deserving of commendation. It is reported that the Prince of Morocco is coming to charm her however she isn't especially glad about it.

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Chapter 15 The Quidditch Final

â€Å"He sent me this,† Hermione stated, holding out the letter. Harry took it. The material was sodden, and colossal tears had smirched the ink so gravely in places that it was extremely hard to peruse. Dear Hermione, We lost. I'm permitted to take him back to Hogwarts. Execution date to be fixed. Beaky has appreciated London. I won't overlook all the assistance you gave us. Hagrid â€Å"They can't do this,† said Harry. â€Å"They can't. Buckbeak isn't dangerous.† â€Å"Malfoy's father's alarmed the Committee into it,† said Hermione, cleaning her eyes. â€Å"You recognize what he resembles. They're a lot of doddery old simpletons, and they were terrified. There'll be an intrigue, however, there consistently is. No one but I can't perceive any hope†¦Nothing will have changed.† â€Å"Yeah, it will,† said Ron furiously. â€Å"You won't need to accomplish all the work alone this time, Hermione. I'll help.† â€Å"Oh, Ron!† Hermione flung her arms around Ron's neck and separated totally. Ron, looking very frightened, congratulated her clumsily on the highest point of the head. At last, Hermione drew away. â€Å"Ron, I'm incredibly heartbroken about Scabbers†¦Ã¢â‚¬  she wailed. â€Å"Oh †well †he was old,† said Ron, looking altogether mitigated that she had relinquished him. â€Å"And he was somewhat futile. You never know, Mum and Dad may get me an owl now.† The security estimates forced on the understudies since Black's subsequent break-in made it unimaginable for Harry, Ron, and Hermione to proceed to visit Hagrid in the nighttimes. Their solitary possibility of conversing with him was during Care of Magical Creatures exercises. He appeared to be numb with stun at the decision. â€Å"S'all my shortcoming. Got all tongue-tied. They was all sittin' there in dark robes an' I kep' droppin' me notes and forgettin' all them dates yeh turned upward fer me, Hermione. An' at that point Lucius Malfoy stood up a' said his bit, and the Committee jus' did exac'ly what he told 'em†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"There's as yet the appeal!† said Ron wildly. â€Å"Don't surrender yet, we're taking a shot at it!† They were strolling back up to the stronghold with the remainder of the class. Ahead they could see Malfoy, who was strolling with Crabbe and Goyle, and continued thinking back, snickering negatively. â€Å"S'no great, Ron,† said Hagrid unfortunately as they arrived at the palace steps. â€Å"That Committee's in Lucius Malfoy's pocket. I'm jus' going to ensure the rest o' Beaky's time is the most joyful he's at any point had. I owe him that†¦.† Hagrid turned around and rushed back toward his lodge, his face covered in his cloth. â€Å"Look at him blubber!† Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle had been standing simply inside the manor entryways, tuning in. â€Å"Have you at any point seen anything very as pathetic?† said Malfoy. â€Å"And he should be our teacher!† Harry and Ron both made angry advances toward Malfoy, yet Hermione arrived first †SMACK! She had smacked Malfoy over the face with all the quality she could assemble. Malfoy stunned. Harry, Ron, Crabbe, and Goyle stood confounded as Hermione lifted her hand once more. â€Å"Don't you dare call Hagrid despicable, you foul †you abhorrent â€â€Å" â€Å"Hermione!† said Ron feebly, and he attempted to snatch her hand as she swung it back. â€Å"Get off, Ron!† Hermione pulled out her wand. Malfoy ventured in reverse. Crabbe and Goyle took a gander at him for guidelines, completely dumbfounded. â€Å"C'mon.† Malfoy murmured, and in a second, every one of them three had vanished into the way to the prisons. â€Å"Hermione!† Ron said once more, sounding both paralyzed and dazzled. â€Å"Harry, you would be wise to beat him in the Quidditch final!† Hermione said sharply. â€Å"You simply better had, on the grounds that I can't stand it if Slytherin wins!† â€Å"We're expected in Charms,† said Ron, despite everything goggling at Hermione. €Å"we would do well to go.† They rushed up the marble flight of stairs toward Professor Flitwick's study hall. â€Å"You're late, boys!† said Professor Flitwick reprovingly as Harry opened the study hall entryway. â€Å"Come along, rapidly, wands out, we're exploring different avenues regarding Cheering Charms today, we've just separated into sets â€â€Å" Harry and Ron rushed to a work area at the back and opened their packs. Ron looked behind him. â€Å"Where's Hermione gone?† Harry glanced around as well. Hermione hadn't entered the homeroom, yet Harry realized she had been directly close to him when he had opened the entryway. â€Å"That's weird,† said Harry, gazing at Ron. â€Å"Maybe †possibly she went to the restroom or something?† Be that as it may, Hermione didn't turn up all exercise. â€Å"She could've finished with a Cheering Charm on her too,† said Ron as the class left for lunch, all smiling extensively †the Cheering Charms had left them with a sentiment of extraordinary happiness. Hermione wasn't at lunch either. When they had completed their crusty fruit-filled treat, the delayed consequences of the Cheering Charms were wearing off, and Harry and Ron had begun to get somewhat stressed. â€Å"You don't think Malfoy planned something for her?† Ron said tensely as they rushed upstairs toward Gryffindor Tower. They passed the security trolls, gave the Fat Lady the secret phrase (â€Å"Flibbertigibbet†), and mixed through the picture opening into the basic room. Hermione was sitting at a table, sleeping soundly, her head laying on an open Arithmancy book. They went to plunk down on either side of her. Harry goaded her wakeful. â€Å"Wh †what?† said Hermione, waking with a beginning and gazing fiercely around. â€Å"Is it an opportunity to go? W †which exercise have we got now?† â€Å"Divination, however it's not for another twenty minutes,† said Harry. â€Å"Hermione, for what reason didn't you come to Charms?† â€Å"What? Gracious no!† Hermione squeaked. â€Å"I neglected to go to Charms!† â€Å"But how would you be able to forget?† said Harry. â€Å"You were with us till we were directly outside the classroom!† â€Å"I don't accept it!† Hermione howled. â€Å"Was Professor Flitwick irate? Goodness, it was Malfoy, I was contemplating him and I forgot about things!† â€Å"You realize what, Hermione?† said Ron, looking down at the huge Arithmancy book Hermione had been utilizing as a cushion. â€Å"I figure you're laughing hysterically. You're attempting to do too much.† â€Å"No, I'm not!† said Hermione, brushing her hair out of her eyes and gazing miserably around for her pack. â€Å"I simply committed an error, that's it in a nutshell! I would do well to take a quick trip and see Professor Flitwick and state sorry †¦ I'll see you in Divination!† Hermione went along with them at the foot of the stepping stool to Professor Trelawney's study hall twenty minutes after the fact, looking incredibly badgering. â€Å"I can't trust I missed Cheering Charms! What's more, I wager they come up in our tests; Professor Flitwick indicated they might!† Together they ascended the stepping stool into the diminish, smothering pinnacle room. Sparkling on each and every table was a precious stone ball loaded with magnificent white fog. Harry, Ron, and Hermione plunked down together at the equivalent unsteady table. â€Å"I figured we weren't beginning precious stone balls until next term,† Ron murmured, throwing an attentive eye around for Professor Trelawney, on the off chance that she was hiding close by. â€Å"Don't grumble, this implies we've completed palmistry,† Harry murmured back. â€Å"I was becoming ill of her wincing each time she took a gander at my hands.† â€Å"Good day to you!† said the recognizable, foggy voice, and Professor Trelawney made her standard sensational passage out of the shadows. Parvati and Lavender trembled with energy, their faces lit by the smooth sparkle of their gem ball. â€Å"I have chosen to present the precious stone ball somewhat sooner than I had planned,† said Professor Trelawney, sitting with her back to the fire and looking around. â€Å"The destinies have educated me that your assessment in June will concern the Orb, and I am on edge to give you adequate practice.† Hermione grunted. â€Å"Well, honestly†¦'the destinies have educated her'. Who sets the test? She does! What a stunning prediction!† she stated, not disturbing to keep her voice low. Harry and Ron held back giggles. It was difficult to tell whether Professor Trelawney had heard them as her face was covered up in shadow. She proceeded, be that as it may, just as she had not. â€Å"Crystal looking is an especially refined art,† she said groggily. â€Å"I don't anticipate that any of you should See when first you peer into the Orb's interminable profundities. We will begin by working on loosening up the cognizant brain and outside eyes â€â€  Ron started to snigger wildly and needed to stuff his clench hand in his mouth to smother the clamor †â€Å"so as to clear the Inner Eye and the superconscious. Maybe, on the off chance that we are fortunate, some of you will see before the finish of the class.† Thus they started. Harry, at any rate, felt amazingly silly, gazing vacantly at the precious stone ball, attempting to keep his brain void when musings, for example, â€Å"this is stupid† continued floating across it. It didn't help that Ron continued breaking into quiet snickers and Hermione continued tutting. â€Å"Seen anything yet?† Harry solicited them following a quarter from an hour's peaceful precious stone looking. â€Å"Yeah, there's a consume on this table,† said Ron, pointing. â€Å"Someone's spilled their candle.† â€Å"This is such a misuse of time,† Hermione murmured. â€Å"I could be working on something valuable. I could be getting up to speed with Cheering Charms â€â€Å" Teacher Trelawney stirred past. â€Å"Would anybody like me to assist them with interpretting the shadowy omens inside their Orb?† she mumbled over the ringing of her bangles. â€Å"I don't require help,† Ron murmured. â€Å"It's undeniable what this implies. There will be heaps of mist tonight.† Both H

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Borrowers Late on Car Payments at an All-Time High - OppLoans

Borrowers Late on Car Payments at an All-Time High - OppLoans Borrowers Late on Car Payments at an All-Time High Borrowers Late on Car Payments at an All-Time HighInside Subprime: March 19, 2019By Grace AustinThe Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced last month that the number of borrowers who were late on their car payments reached an all-time high at the end of 2018, with 70 million people 90 days behind or more. That’s 1 million more people struggling to make payments than there were during peak delinquency levels at the end of 2010. Though the U.S. unemployment rate has dropped to 3.7 percent and the job market is robust, Americans are still struggling to pay their bills. People are borrowing money to purchase vehicles at record levels, even with rising interest rates, and some say delinquency rates are a bad sign for the economy.“The substantial and growing number of distressed borrowers suggests that not all Americans have benefited from the strong labor market and warrants continued monitoring and analysis of this sector,” researchers with the Fed wrote in a blog post.The da ta might also suggest that predatory lenders are issuing loans to people with more debt than they can cope with. The Fed noted that the largest share of vehicle loans are coming from banks and credit unions, issued mostly to borrowers with high credit scores. But subprime borrowers are also taking out loans, and the majority of late car payments are on loans issued to young people with low credit scores. These borrowers are getting their loans from auto finance companies or payday lenders with high interest rates that make the loans more difficult to pay off. The data shows that half of all outstanding loans from auto finance companies were issued to consumers with credit scores under 620. Loans from these companies also carry higher rates of past-due payments when compared to loans issued by banks or credit unions, even when controlling for credit score.While most Americans struggle to keep up with their bills (78 percent of us are living paycheck to paycheck), delinquency rates ar e even higher among communities of color. The auto loan delinquency rate for people of color is 7 percent, even though these borrowers carry less debt overall than their white peers, who are only 3 percent delinquent. The data comes from an analysis released in December from the Urban Institute. People of color also have a lower average income than white borrowers, the analysis shows.Despite the apparent impact of high-interest loans on delinquency rates, the regulatory environment in Washington has strayed away from protecting consumers. In February, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced that it would rescind ability-to-repay requirements that would go into effect under the agency’s rule governing payday and title loans. The bureau contended that the rule, which was introduced under the Obama administration and has yet to go into effect, would limit access to credit for consumers. But consumer advocates argue that high-interest loans trap borrowers in debt, and the a gency’s decision to side with payday lenders will inevitably cause financial harm to consumers.For more information on  payday loans, scams, and  cash advances  and  check out our  city and state financial guides  including Illinois, Florida, Texas and more.Visit  OppLoans  on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIn

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Implications Of The Involement Of Neighboring Countries

Q2. IMPLICATIONS OF THE INVOLEMENT OF NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES 1. Regional Implications The continuous conflict and seemingly unending civil war in Syria has made the refugee settlement mission a difficult task. The persistent state of fear has given rise to security controls across the border, and the incessant displacement of people from Syria has increased vulnerability amongst refugees seeking asylum. The number of refugees has grown steadily and has reached a disturbing number of 235,000 according to UNHCR. In addition, many immigrants remain unregistered and vulnerable in the neighbouring regions simply because the countries hosting them are also incapable to make available adequate resources due to economic constraints. Turkey, due to its financial status, has been able to cope positively with the 80,000 refugees in the country. Iraq is trying to cope with the incursion of immigrants into the country, fearing a reaction from al Qaeda who might use the refugee issue to settle in Iraq. Iraq has taken in only about 16,000 refugees so far, according to the United Nat ions. On the other hand, Lebanon is hosting about 100,000 refugees and in spite of the latest conflict in the country; the number of immigrants crossing over has not decreased. In fact, it has steadily increased. Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq are struggling to hurriedly put together camps and settlements to accommodate the influx of immigrants. The immigrants are in a continuous state of tension and basic

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Dover Beach Poem Analysis - 1739 Words

Upon reading Matthew Arnold’s poem, â€Å"Dover Beach†, I was greeted with a fleeting sense of tranquility and a lingering emotion of melancholy. Found in his carefully crafted words, Arnold gives an accurate representation of the beliefs held during the era of Realism by using descriptive imagery. His use of imagery is the primary aspect of the work that most interested me. For instance, in the first stanza, the narrator gives the reader the setting of â€Å"Dover Beach†. He states, â€Å"Upon the straits; on the French coast the light/ Gleams and is gone; the cliffs of England stand, / Glimmering and vast, out in the tranquil bay† (Arnold 2017). This description allows the reader to understand that the author can see the cities of France and England as†¦show more content†¦They lack joy, a source of peace, and are in a constant inner struggle of life. I feel this is a beautifully written piece that accurately evokes feeling out of its readers an d allows them to grapple with ideas that aren’t directly stated, but strongly implied. The style of this piece allowed me to analyze a work that is categorized as realist literature and compare it to what I know about such works. I thoroughly enjoyed this poem by Matthew Arnold because it allowed me to test my understanding of realism by analysis as well as the intense feeling of melancholy created by effective imagery. â€Å"Dover Beach† was written by English writer, Matthew Arnold between 1847 and 1853 and the poem was published in 1867 (Johnston, E. T. 2016). During the construction of this lyric poem, England was experiencing the Revolutions of 1848. These revolutions were composed of several upheavals that emphasized the distinct differences between social classes, specifically those between the wealthy and the working classes. This was not an event to just occur randomly, but was encouraged by specific events that led up to its outburst: liberalism, nationalism, and industrialization (Bahr-Evola, A. J. 2016). These revolutions challenged the standards and customs of Europe and sought to establish their own liberal institutions. As the revolutions continued throughout Europe, division soon occurred between those who claimed themselves to be liberal leadersShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Poem Dover Beach 998 Words   |  4 PagesArnold uses a range of technical means in order to express a shift in mood and sentiment within the poem ‘Dover Beach’. Rhythm is used as a significant device, Arnold uses an irregular rhythm alongside enjambment to create a discursive style. Arnold switches between using iamb’s and trochee’s, this technique highlights the transformation in tone, as by moving from an unstressed syllable to a stressed syllable the fluidity of the line is broken, this is potentially used to convey the journey fromRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Dover Beach By Matthew Arnold1139 Words   |  5 PagesMonelle Shuman English Lit 202 K. Morefield December 1, 2014 An Analysis of â€Å"Dover Beach† by Matthew Arnold Dover Beach is thought to be one of the best representations of the Victorian Period all together. It portrays the mood and tone of what the people experienced and felt at that time. Around the same time it was written, London had just experienced a massive boom in their population, growing from 2 to 6 million citizens. At the same time, London was becoming one of the first in the countryRead MoreAnalysis on the Poem Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold1669 Words   |  7 PagesThe Poem â€Å"Dover Beach† is a dramatic monologue of thirty-seven lines, divided into four unequal sections or â€Å"paragraphs† of fourteen, six, eight, and nine lines. In the title, â€Å"Beach† is more significant than â€Å"Dover,† for it points at the controlling image of the poem. On a pleasant evening, the poet and his love are apparently in a room with a window affording a view of the straits of Dover on the southeast coast of England, perhaps in an inn. The poet looks out toward the French coast, someRead MoreThe Significance of Literary Knowledge in Parodic Poetry: A Look At Anthony Hecht’s The Dover Bitch1100 Words   |  5 Pagesreading with one frame of mind, key themes and ideas can be missed. Poems, on the other hand, can be vague and extremely difficult to pick apart. Poets rely on figurative language to make seemingly random word choices make sense within the right context, and having a vast knowledge of literature becomes essential when reading poetry because one never knows when an allusion can make all the difference. Anthony Hecht’s poem The Dover Bitch provides a good example of how figurative language and knowledgeRead MoreAnalysis Of Matthew Arnold s Dover Beach 1264 Words   |  6 Pagesin 1867, Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach is short lyrical elegy that depicts a couple overlooking the English Channel, questioning the gradual, steady loss of faith of the time. Set against this backdrop of a society’s crisis of faith, Arnold artfully uses a range of literary techniques to reinforce the central theme of the poem, leading some to argue that Dover Beach was one of the first ‘free-verse’ poems of the language. Indeed, the structure and content of the poem goes against all traditionalRead MoreAnalysis of the Setting in My Last Duchess and Dover Beach Essay669 Words   |  3 PagesAnalysis of the Setting in My Last Duchess and Dover Beach At first glance the setting of a poem is the psychological and physiological environment in which the story takes place. In some instances, the setting is used to develop the characters. Robert Browning and Matthew Arnold use the setting to expose their character traits. My Last Duchess and Dover Beach, respectively, portray the weaknesses of the characters using elements from the setting. The text, page 629 and 630, tells us thatRead MoreDover Beach and Farenheit 4511461 Words   |  6 Pages English 2342 20 April 2011 Dover Beach and Fahrenheit 451 The classic poem, Dover Beach, written by Matthew Arnold, is a statement about losing faith as a result of enlightenment. In an emotionally charged scene in Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, fireman Guy Montag reads the poem aloud to his wife and her friends. Bradbury could have chosen any piece of literature for Montag to read as a means of unveiling his collection of hoarded books and his newfound interest in reading them. BradburyRead More Essay on Dover Beach: An Analysis1052 Words   |  5 Pages An Analysis of Dover Beachnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Dover Beach intrigued me as soon as I read the title. I have a great love of beaches, so I feel a connection with the speaker as he or she stands on the cliffs of Dover, looking out at the sea and reflecting on life. Arnold successfully captures the mystical beauty of the ocean as it echoes human existence and the struggles of life. The moods of the speaker throughout the poem change dramatically as do the moods of the sea. The irregular, unorderedRead MoreLove And Loss : Happy Endings By Margaret Atwood3620 Words   |  15 Pagesunfortunate, depressing. Most people would relate love and loss to romantic relationships that ended in breakups; on the contrary, â€Å"Confession Day† allows people to confess the pain they have felt through any of their losses. In the poems â€Å"She Walks in Beauty† by Lord Byron, â€Å"Dover Beach† by Matthew Arnold and in the short story â€Å"Happy Endings† by Margaret Atwood, it is noticed that love and loss can happen in different situations, to different people, at different times. These writings show love and loss inRead MoreAnalysis of Dover Beach and The Buried Life by Matthew Arnold 1960 Words   |  8 PagesAnalysis of Dover Beach and The Buried Life by Matthew Arnold Matthew Arnold is one of the many famous and prolific writers from the nineteenth century. Two of his best known works are entitled #61505;Dover Beach#61504; and #61505;The Buried Life.#61504; Although the exact date of composition is unknown, clearly they were both written in the early 1850s. The two poems have in common various characteristics, such as the theme and style. The feelings of the speakers of the poem also

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The Jazz A Music Genre - 1078 Words

Name: Sofia Endara Research Paper Jazz The Jazz is a music genre that was developed from the traditions of West Africa, Europe and North America. It arises specifically in New Orleans, Louisiana, home of musical style, where was a large consignments of slaves, mainly western Africa. That is why the jazz comes from the combination of three traditions: the native American, African and European. The African-American community in South America developed its musical expression through creative improvisation on the material that provided religious music, especially the dances and rituals related to voodoo and lay themselves brought from Africa, the instrumental tradition of American orchestras, especially the military bands and the forms and harmonies of European music. These first African-American musical manifestations were a mixture of rhythms and instruments associated with the life of slaves, thus interpreted as work songs and Collective fun. Improvisation is already, at this early stage, an essential component of this music, which contrasts with the white models compossed music. The history of jazz is characterized by two main features: History of Jazz | Black History in America | History of Jazz | Black History in America | N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2015. First, both in constant assimilation of other musical stylistic tendencies or culturally alien to h it, and it ability to mix with other genres and create new musical styles such asShow MoreRelatedSystolic Diastolic Pressure On Blood Pressure1618 Words   |  7 PagesLastly, blood pressure can be affected by many activities including music. The faster the music, the higher the blood pressure because of the tempo. The slower the music, the lower the blood pressure. Faster genres of music including rap, hip hop and pop. A medium genre includes country and a slow genre includes jazz. The purpose of this experiment was to learn about the different types of blood pressure and to figure out how music affects the blood pressure. Results: A. Procedure: PurchaseRead MoreThe Music Of The Harlem Renaissance855 Words   |  4 Pages Music is an art that has united people all over the world for centuries and centuries. Evolving throughout the years, music is split up into many different genres. These genres have derived from diverse time periods and cultures throughout the years. Jazz and Country music both originated in the early 1900s, but have had lasting impacts on completely different cultures. The detailed elements of each piece are dissimilar, but are equally effective in providing entertainment for each audience. Read MoreHow Different Genres Of Music Affect.Blood Pressure.. Labrae1634 Words   |  7 PagesHow Different Genres of Music Affect Blood Pressure. LaBrae High School Biology 1 By: Ava English Introduction: Blood pressure is a force applied by blood that push against the arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that send oxygenated blood to the heart and throughout the rest of the body. To calculate blood pressure, use a blood pressure machine which shows the two types of pressures, systolic and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure happens when the heart is decreasing and diastolicRead MoreOrigins Of Today s Music1546 Words   |  7 PagesToday s Music While blues and jazz are musically different, they play a similar role in the in the musical genres that is heard today. Today, music is divided into many genres such as hip-hop, easy listening, country, rock and roll or classic rock, etc. Pure blues or jazz is hardly thought of, as those two genres are not heard as often in today’s music. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the difference between blues and jazz music. Blues and jazz are musical genres, or stylesRead MoreRagtime And Blues : The History And Their Influence On Jazz1581 Words   |  7 PagesRagtime and Blues: The History and Their Influence on Jazz In the city of New Orleans, from parades to clubs and from weddings to funerals, one element usually remained constant throughout all these events: the music that permeated the air. At most of these occasions, a band often performed as entertainment, providing many opportunities for musicians in the area to work. By the early 20th century, due to various factors such as mix of ethnicities and cultures with syncopated musical styles influencedRead MoreWhat I Attended A Concert1398 Words   |  6 PagesNorthwest Jazz and Studio Jazz Ensembles perform. Both ensembles performed a variety of songs generally under the jazz genre, featuring artists studied in the course, including Duke Ellington, Count Basie and George Gershwin. Some of the songs performed by the ensembles included â€Å"La Almeja Pequena,† â€Å"Count Me In,† â€Å"Rockin’ In Rhythm,† and â€Å"I’ve Got a Crush on You.† Although there were many diverse styles played throughout the concert, many songs performed are from the Tin Pan Alley, jazz or swingRead MoreEvolution Of Jazz And Blues. The Music Styles Of Jazz And1364 Words   |  6 PagesEvolution of Jazz and Blues The music styles of Jazz and Blues are both considered to be great American musical art forms (Covach, 2015). These styles are also two very important â€Å"roots† of music and have evolved from the late 19th century and early 20th century to lead to the development of Rock and Roll. Jazz and Blues both originated from African-American communities when slaves were brought over to North America from Africa (Schuller, 1986). As time passed and the culture of America was constantlyRead MoreMusic, Blues And Ragtime1337 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Jazz is the first true art form to come from the soil of America†, Winton Marsalis made this claim in the film Jazz by Ken Burns. Jazz would be born here in America after the fall of slavery. The interactions between previously enslaved peoples and the rest of society gave the breeding ground for a mixture of cultures and music styles. The city which was most clearly known for the mixing of cultures after the Civil war was New Orl eans. In New Orleans the primary cultures and ethnicities seen included:Read MoreA Brief History of Piano Greats and Jazz Essay1426 Words   |  6 PagesBrief History of Piano Greats and Jazz The piano has been a pivotal instrument throughout the development of jazz music. Starting with ragtime, which developed out of classical music, all the way to modern jazz the piano has been a foundational instrument upon which many styles have been built. This is a result of the versatility of the instrument, as it has the ability to play accompaniment, rhythm, and solo improvisation simultaneously. Throughout the course of jazz history many musicians have utilizedRead MoreJazz And Its Influence On African American Communities1141 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout several years, numerous genres of music have been created and evolved, such as contemporary, country, pop, and more. One genre, in particular, has greatly influenced the world and still remains popular today. This renowned genre is jazz. Although jazz originated in the late 19th and early 20th century, the genre has continued to develop and influence other aspects of music. With its beginnings in African American communiti es, jazz features several distinguishing components and defining

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PAYG Pension System over a Funded System-Free-Sample for Students

Questions: 1.Discuss about the Financial Probity. 2.What are accounting and Financial Information Management Systems and how do they assist Business Operations? 3.List at least 10 forms of legislation and Conventions (Australian, international and/or local) that could apply to Financial Management 4.Explain a maximum of 150 words for each answer the requirements for each of the following: Good and Services TaxCompany TaxPAYG Answers: 1.Financial Probity Probity can be referred as procedural integrity. It comprises variants such as moral excellence, integrity, uprightness, conscientiousness, honesty, and sincerity while procuring processes. In terms of finance, it can be said that it is necessary for ensuring that business activities include specification such as: Consistency and objectivity for the assessment as per published criteria To ensure confidentiality of sensitive information and assets Determination and resolution of identified conflicts of interest. It is the accountability of the business entity to ensure fairness while maintaining probity in the financial and operational activities. The same could be done through providing ethical behaviour in their business procedures (Saidin Badara, 2014). As probity offers assurance to stakeholders regarding the fact that operational activities were conducted in a reasonable manner which is equitable, fair, and defensible. Financial probity is one of the main variants which is included while developing the procedures and policies of an organization. In case of financial terms, it can be said that the funds are required to be generated and invested by implementing probity values through codes of practice and policies (Keay, 2015). It is also applied on managerial authorities to demonstrate probity values through leadership, in order to positively underline the values. 2.Accounting Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) Accounting Information system can be specified as a structure which is applied to an organization or business to collect, store, retrieve and manage the financial and accounting information so that the same is available for accounts, tax consultants, auditors and other officials at the time of requirements (Allen, Hemming Potter, 2013). On the other hand, Financial Management Information System is referred as a system of accumulating and analysing the financial data which assist in taking financial decisions in order to run the business in an efficient way. Its main aim is to meet companys financial obligation with minimum usage of financial resources with a margin of safety. The manner in which they assist in business operations: Financial Management Information Systems is required by public financial management processes in the process of preparation and execution of budgets (such as commitment control, treasury operations cash/debt management,), accounting and reporting and the data for these procedures is procured from AIS. FMIS improves the efficiency and productivity of government operations, and offer a great potential for increasing participation through providing transparency and accountability. Various accounting reports, working capital reports, cash flow forecast, operating and capital budgets, and What-If Analysis reports are generated as outputs of the system (Smith, ). It can be facilitated when used with Decision Support System (DSS).The World Bank is a provider of financing and technical help for FMIS development. The development, implementation and maintenance of the financial information management system, comprises adequate internal controls provided for recording, storage, retrieval and de stroying financial information of the business. It should be ensured that financial information is secure by enforcing user access controls to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the system. A variety of advantages can be gained through implementing FMIS Systems like integrated information about financials; reporting is flexible, control over expenditure and minimum administration of business is required. 3.Legislation and convention applicable to financial management Financial Management Act 1996 Corporation Act 2001 Australian Securities and investment commission Financial Managementand Accountability Act 1997 Financial management Act 2006 AustralianPrudentialRegulationAuthority (APRA) Commonwealth Funds Management Limited Act 1990 Financial Framework (Supplementary Powers) Act 1997 Financial Ombudsman Service (Australia)(FOS) Australian Bankers' Association Inc. 4.Goods and service tax GST is an acronym for goods and service tax. Tax rate of 10% regarding GST is applicable on most of the products and services sold or consumed in Australia. The GST is imposed on taxable supplies. Individual carrying on an enterprise will be entitled to reimbursement for the GST paid on business inputs in the form of input tax credits. GST can be charged on the goods and services supplied to the customers and are entitled to remit this amount to ATO (Tang, 2016). Henceforth, owner of the enterprise acts as a collection agent on behalf of ATO. In the case when GST liability is comparatively higher than credit entitlements of input tax than individual need to pay the only difference amounts to the ATO. While on the other hand individual will receive a refund in case of where liability of GST is less in comparison to input tax credit entitlements. Individual must have registration if following conditions are satisfied: The individual is running an enterprise.Annual turnover is $75,000 or higher (or $150,000 if organisation is non-profit). If business turnover is lower than cited limit than registration under GST is optional. Company tax Companies which are residents of Australia are required to pay taxes on their worldwide income. However, non-resident companies are required to pay tax charges only on their Australian income. The company is a tax is applicable to corporate entities on the basis of profit generated by them. However; tax rate is not uniform for all companies as it varies on the basis of their nature of operations and financial status (Harding, 2014). For companies, the tax rate is 30% however small business entities (if their aggregated turnover is lower than $10 million) are required to pay tax at 27.5%. This also generates franking credit to prevent double taxation on dividend income. The maximum rate of franking credit is 30 cents on per dollar of the dividend. PAYG PAYG is an acronym for Pay as you go tax system. It is a system developed for constant payments towards their income tax liability on expected annual revenues. If an individual earns income through business or investment sources over certain amount than it is applicable. PAYG instalments should be paid before Annual tax return. An individual can opt for paying PAYG instalments in two ways. Instalment amount It is the amount calculated by making use of business and investment income assessed on the basis of recent income tax return (Ediev, 2014). This method helps in knowing the amount of instalment on quarterly basis, which may help in making plan and budget for the payment. Instalment rate It is an amount based on definite income which is multiplied by a concerned tax rate. This method helps in knowing the amount paid, and which reflects business and investment income for the quarter. If income fluctuates, then this method is preferred References Allen, R., Hemming, R., Potter, B. (Eds.). (2013).The international handbook of public financial management. Springer. Ediev, D. M. (2014). Why increasing longevity may favour a PAYG pension system over a funded system.Population studies,68(1), 95-110. Harding, M. (2014). Personal tax treatment of company cars and commuting expenses. Keay, A. (2015).Board accountability in corporate governance. Routledge. Saidin, S. Z., Badara, M. A. S. (2014). Assessment of the Principles of Corporate Governance Practice in the Public Sector Organizations in a Developed Domain.Assessment,1(1), 7-13. Smith, B. (2017). Determinants of sound budgeting and financial management practices at the decentralised level of public administration.OECD Journal on Budgeting,16(2), 109-128. Tang, C. (2016). Australian GST update2015.World Journal of VAT/GST Law,5(1), 32-41.